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Thanksgiving Day - December 31

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Wenatchee Valley Children's Guild

Our mission is to support the basic needs of low-income children within the Wenatchee Valley to help them rise above adversity and grow towards a successful future

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Youth-Program Assistance Fund

Supporting youth non-profits in our community

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General Assistance Fund

Helping families with children make ends meet

Eva Lauve Bowling Scholarship

Sponsoring young bowlers on local teams

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Ensuring local school kids have a rich educational experience

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Helping out in little ways all year round

Wenatchee Valley
Children's Guild

Loving our valley community for over 75 years

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We've been dedicated to making our community a better place to live and grow since 1948. Since then, we've raised and donated over a million dollars through our follies shows, wreath sales, and other fundraisers. We love the Wenatchee Valley, and we love working to keep it strong.

Past Beneficiaries

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