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Our School Connections Fund helps students have a rich and fulfilling school experience

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How To Apply

Staff members at any Wenatchee or East Wenatchee school may submit applications on behalf of students. Requests can be made for either basic needs or enrichment:

Basic Needs

We believe that students can fully focus on school when they have their basic needs met. Requests may be submitted for items such as clothing, shoes, backpacks, hygiene products, etc. Vouchers will be provided for use at Stan's Merry Mart, through our "Warmth for Kids" program, in partnership with Key Bank.

Enrichment Programs

We believe that extracurricular activities build confidence and relationships that help students develop to their full potential.  Requests may be submitted for funds to meet the needs of individual students, for either supplies or activity fees for local club and/or school sponsored programs. Supplies include items like calculators, musical instruments, uniforms, sporting equipment, etc. Activity fees include expenses for participating in sports, after-school clubs, theater, etc.

Submit the online form, below, to apply. Thank you for making our community stronger!

School Connections Application

Requestor Information

Beneficiary Information

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Request Information

Is this request for monetary funds?

Have any other organizations been contacted for support or are currently providing support to meet this need?

Other organizatins providing support:

Media Releases

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     Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch soon.     

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